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Alpha Marine Engineering Netherlands B.V  was  established  in 2018.

Company Focus

The company was and is focused to serve the  Marine, in the best possible way by providing accurate and fast services / information related to the represented by Alpha Marine Engineering NL B.V. manufacturers only.

Services provided to both Principals and Duch  customer, are related to:

  • New building projects all over the world
  • Supply of replacement equipment on existing ships
  • Supply of retrofit equipment on existing ships
  • Supply of spare parts, for our Principals range only
  • Services for KSB Seil  D.M.E. SS-2000, S-3000, S663 MKIII.

Spare parts and equipment supplied though A.M.E. are always genuine manufactured and guaranteed by the maker as:

  • Offer submitted by A.M.E. NETHERLANDS  is the same as if requested from manufacturer.
  • Order items are always supplied from makers factory.
  • Final invoice is issued by the maker and invoice is settled directly to the makers account (not A.M.E. NL ).

By applying above procedure customers are always sure that the spares ordered will be the cheapest genuine spares available in the market and will ensure trouble free operation of the unit.

In order A.M.E. to be able to provide best possible service, A.M.E. has developed, and is continuously upgrading, its own in house software allowing all incoming and outgoing message to be filed / stored as a separate case file and traced either as a part of a customer or maker file or separately.

Alpha Marine Engineering NL B.V.

Representative of marine qualified manufacturers from all over the world.

New Building Projects

We are promoting use of represented manufacturers to the owner.

Existing Ships

Supply of replacement / retrofit equipment plus spare parts for our Principals range.


Maintenance and service of ODME, Units.